Why Android?


This blog post is out of my personal experience about both the platforms and a recent switch to iOS from Android.

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I was searching the internet for a layman comparison between iOS and Android and read more than 100 blogs but there was nothing which I did not  felt like an unbiased review. So, here’s my take.

I started using Android  in its early stages, one of the first Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Captivate) devices followed by HTC One X, HTC One X+, and lastly Samsung Galaxy S4.

I love, believe  and root for open-source and crowd-sourced projects. The decision to choose Android over other platforms was not just because of Google’s reputation and how closely knit we are to Google. As an early adopter I knew that the system had its flaws and I worked through them. But I saw no formidable change when I was upgrading my hardware or software.

All my phones had heating issues (Once I burned by back-side on a hike due to  HTC One X), extremely fast battery draining, multiple restarts, force close apps, malware, and overall it was just a huge liability. After all this struggle I thought about trying out iPhone.

A week ago, I bought an iPhone 5 as my brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 was restarting way too much for me to use and Android was still lagging and sluggish even on that amount of hardware. Because of my love(open-source) and time which I already invested in Android the platform I tried sticking to the Samsung Galaxy S4 but one day when I tried to open Gmail it took more than 10 minutes for the phone to respond and even after that the phone restarted around 3 times and That was it. I drove to the nearby store and wanted to just change the platform due to the history of over heating, battery drain in half hour, unresponsive phones, and way too much data usage to name a few.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I started using iOS 6.1.4 and  I am really impressed with Apple and the platform which it has marvelously excelled in some of the basic things which Android left me begging for, in every single iteration from Android 2.0 to the recent 4.3 update. I admit that there is no sense of control in iOS and you are pretty much stuck with the same interface like the millions others and you definitely don’t stand out. But, iOS does what it was meant to do,  powerfully and without draining the energy of the phone and the user. Yes, there is no real multitasking, notifications,  and yes there are loads of other features which are baked in Android from a long time. But when you can’t use your phone for the basic activity then whats purpose of a phone.

I am still open to try other new platforms like the  Windows Phone and yes I want to give iOS its fair chance and just not to judge it like a troll.

What do you think about Android? What do you like or dislike about Android or iOS ?



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