Billion dollar gamble, Microsoft buys NOKIA

Microsoft has been on the verge of collapse from all directions for being way too slow to react to its competition. Microsoft which makes most of its money on  licenses for Windows PC‘s has been struggling since the launch of iOS and Android. There are some prominent mistakes like, underestimating the power, might and vision of Steve Jobs and Google.

Now, the fear of losing their only hardware partner  for Windows Phone, Microsoft has struck a deal with Nokia to acquire its handsets business and patents. This deal is a life saver for Nokia as it was trying hard to make its ends meet and I guess would have filed for bankruptcy sooner than later. This deal also gives Microsoft the much-needed control over the hardware to put them in direct competition with the likes of Google and Apple. Microsoft also announced that they will not be moving the Nokia R&D out of Finland.

This is the biggest decision for the outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer (MSFT) and if this deal goes as planned (really tough path) then Steve Ballmer will be the most cherished CEO after Bill Gates to pour a new life in Microsoft. (I hope Microsoft gets aggressive and deal with reality instead of making up numbers)

Windows ecosystem (app’s) is evolving and will grow by the day because of the footprint which it has on the world. But, just today Google announced that they have 1 billion activation for their Android platform which means that if they introduce any new products like the Google Glass, Chromebook or Google GOD people will buy.

We can only hope that Microsoft doesn’t run down Nokia like it is running Microsoft and instead Nokia must be run more fiercely by integrating with the likes of Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch and yes, Windows Phone. Lets face it, Microsoft Nokia needs a groundbreaking innovation/s if they want to get back in the competition.

What do you think about Nokia & Microsoft and how this deal would turn or burn the future of either?


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