Life Refreshed

I am writing this article to start my journey towards my career at professional book writing. I will try to as unbiased and intelligent as I can be and the the most important one, to keep you intrigued.

Robin went strolling in the park on a crisp day in the month of August. Here in New Hampshire it is among the best months to enjoy the mother nature and embrace her with all the love. Robin was out for the past two hours and he kept going on the trial without keeping a track of his steps back as he always visited the White Mountain National Forest so very often.

But this day wasn’t the same as any other day as Robin was preoccupied with some thoughts regarding how his life turned out and how he is just strolling in the thick Pine trees and the sunlight piercing through the leaves and landing on his face and the ground with a charm.  The melodious chirping of the birds and a soothing sound of a flowing stream nearby. Robin felt like he was born again. Far away from the chaotic world he lived in, with nobody in sight. He felt like he was the king of this place.

As Robin walked in this magical moment, he realized and was taken a back by this feeling. He was completely out on his own with no marking or trails.


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